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What Makes Us Distinct?

Distinct Dwelling is a full service property management company that works with landlords, homeowners, and tenants throughout Central Oregon. We specialize in stress free property management. That means handling everything from rent assessment and tenant screening to inspections and home repairs. With in-house construction and real estate services available, we’re just as comfortable filing paperwork as we are fixing shingles. Plus, by keeping all of our services under one roof, we’re in a unique position to optimize your real estate assets and keep your property investment safe and sound.

A beige rental home tucked away behind flowering shrubs; full service property management
Full service property solutions

When we say full service,
we mean it.

Just like a stock, bond, and mutual fund portfolio, real estate investments require active, professional management. At Distinct, we’re committed to protecting and growing your property value. Our team has the certifications, skill, and experience to identify maintenance needs, create improvement schedules, and complete the work—all while providing an exceptional tenant experience.




Fast, flexible service

When you choose Distinct Dwelling, you’re partnering with a highly specialized team that provides exclusive services to maximize the ROI on your property investment assets. Distinct’s property management team includes in-house contractors, construction experts, and real estate specialists. 

An elegant modern kitchen with steel appliances and black stools at a bar counter; full service property management

our team

Headshot of Jason Wilson, owner and CEO of Distinct Dwelling, which offers full service property management
Jason Wilson, President & CEO

As the founder of Distinct Dwelling, Jason believes leaders should be the first to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. That’s why he’s spent nearly three decades gaining the experience and certifications he needs to provide full service property management. First and foremost, Jason is passionate about real estate—whether he’s building it from the ground up, fixing it, or maximizing its potential in an overall portfolio. 

In addition to his experience managing residential, commercial, and vacation properties, Jason holds a Masters degree, property management license,  and residential construction superintendent certification. This education experience, along with a construction career and a passion for real estate, uniquely qualifies him to manage real estate assets across Central Oregon. He’s also a certified OSHA safety officer and ensures every job site is held to the highest safety standards.

Headshot of Jennifer Wilson, co-owner and real estate agent of Distinct Dwelling, which offers full service property management
Jennifer Wilson, Co-owner

As Distinct’s co-owner, Jennifer works closely with clients to build a lasting relationship. Nothing inspires her more than matching a family to a house they can call home. Whether she’s assisting with real estate acquisitions, helping clients with their rental properties, or working with renters, she brings a high degree of skill and expertise to every endeavor.

Jennifer is an Inactive Licensed Oregon Real Estate Broker and holds a Bachelors of Science from Willamette University. But her most valuable asset is the nearly two decades of experience she brings to her role. She has been working in and around real estate since 2002, assisting in everything from home design and interior decoration to sales, rentals, and acquisitions.