How to Choose Your Bend Property Management Partner

Your rental property is an investment asset. And that asset requires active, skilled management. You wouldn’t let your neighbor manage your stock portfolio (unless, of course, they’re an actual stockbroker). The odds are good you’d look for someone with a proven track record and good reputation. So why be any less particular with your property manager? When choosing your Bend property management partner, you’ll want to consider their experience, communication, and the scope of their services. 

Benefits of working with a property manager

First things first, why work with a property manager at all? If your investment is so significant, shouldn’t you be hands-on with it? The simple answer: self-managing your rental property is doable. But it’s a full-time job. 

You’ll be responsible for finding and screening tenants, completing routine inspections and maintenance, and staying on top of rent collection and record-keeping. When you partner with a property management company, the work gets done for you. Plus, your property benefits from the experience and resources a property manager has available to them—from assessing property value to ensuring legal compliance throughout the rental process. 

But, not all property management companies are created equal. 

Choosing your Bend property management company

There are dozens of property management companies in and around Bend. So how do you choose the one who will help you get the most out of your investment? 

Look for specialized experience

Property management is a complex industry. When choosing the right property management company for your Central Oregon or Bend rental, look for someone specializing in your particular type of property. For example, a commercial manager or company specializing in vacation properties may struggle to maximize the ROI on your residential property. 

But specialized experience goes beyond knowing the industry. Your Bend property management partner should know the area and understand what local renters need. At Distinct, we specialize in residential and second home rental properties throughout Central Oregon. With an in-house real estate broker and decades of experience managing properties in this area, we bring in-depth knowledge of local trends to every rental we manage.  

Understand the scope of their services

Like we’ve said before, not all property managers are created equal. Before you start screening companies, it’s essential to understand what a typical property manager does. Second, you’ll want to identify any service needs you have above and beyond that typical scope. The last thing you need is an expensive middleman, or a set-and-forget manager who upcharges for routine services. 

When you trust Distinct Dwelling with your property, you benefit from our exclusive in-house construction services. Plus, as a full-service property manager, we take a proactive approach to inspection, repairs, and maintenance services. 

Check reviews and references

You want to make sure your property is in good hands. The easiest way to know? Look at how they’ve treated other properties. Your Bend property management company should have a stellar track record. At Distinct, we recognize our role as your partner and pride ourselves on offering stress-free property management services. 


When it comes to choosing the right Bend property management partner, we know everything hinges on experience, exceptional service, and a strong reputation. The Distinct Dwelling team has got what it takes to maximize your rental property’s value. Contact us to learn more about the Distinct advantage