When it comes to property management, we have the in-house capabilities to handle specialty services, including repairs and remodels.


Looking to rent your home? Let us take over the paperwork and stress of managing tenant services through our application and processes.


Let us take the stress out of renting. Distinct has you covered with a full range of exclusive property management services.

why distinct

WE’VE been in the property management industry long enough to notice gaps in the system

We pride ourselves on offering agile, comprehensive property management and maintenance. At Distinct, we don’t have a list of contractors we work with when things go south. Instead, we have an experienced in-house team with the skills and certifications needed to do the job ourselves. When you partner with Distinct, you’re getting a full service property management team able to handle everything from door knobs and leaky faucets to siding replacement and snow removal.


Renting out a beloved family home or a recently-purchased investment property? Either way, your real estate asset will get the same attentive service from our property management team.

Management Fees

    Please contact us for details.

    A Victorian-style rental home with gray shingles and stone accents; property management


    When you partner with Distinct, we promise peace of mind, whether you live around the corner or across the country. We’ll proactively handle inspections and routine maintenance to ensure your second home stays in top shape while you’re away.


    • Weekly house visit to ensure your home is secured and protected from the weather
    • Proactively manage all maintenance and seasonal tasks
    • Act as a local emergency contact for your security system
    • Oversee and coordinate all vendors working on the home
    • Monitor temperature of home and spa
    • Verify doors and windows are closed and secure
    • Bring in the mail and forward if requested
    • Take garbage cans and recycling out or in as necessary
    • Start and maintain cars kept at the home
    • Water indoor plants and make sure the exterior landscape is maintained
    • Accept packages shipped and delivered to your home
    • Act as your local eyes and ears, available 24/7
    • Change the lights and window shades to give the look of home activity
    • Housekeeping
    • Handyman Services
    • Open/close house for vendors or deliveries
    • Grocery shopping for stocked kitchen prior to your arrival
    • Landscape maintenance
    • Snow removal
    • Put on or take off winter tires
    • Take vehicle to shop for maintenance
    • Decorate house for holidays
    • Deck maintenance
    • Pest control
    • Manage and execute special requests
    • Prep the home for incoming renters
    • Conduct an inventory on “check outs” after each party leaves to identify if any damage has occured


    A green home with a two car garage and stone accents; property management


    Tenant Screening

    We understand tenant quality is of the utmost importance. All applicants undergo careful screening, including background and financial checks.

    Rent Collection

    Let us handle all billing and rent collection, so you get paid in-full and on-time, every time.

    Legal Compliance

    Take the guesswork out of compliance. We’ll monitor the insurance regulations and laws that impact your home, and make sure your property stays compliant.

    Rent Assessment

    We’ll leverage market analysis to make sure you get the most out of your rental.

    Tenant Support

    From getting utilities up and running to handling repairs around the property, we know that exceptional tenant support is the key to establishing long-term relationships. 

    A counter and cupboard remodel in a kitchen; part of Distinct's property management services

    exclusive contruction services

    Home Repairs

    Take the headache out of repair requests. Our in-house team provides timely, high-quality service for basic home repairs.

    Home Remodels

    Ready to redo the bathroom or install another bedroom? We offer exclusive construction services to help you increase your property’s marketability and value. For remodel questions or inquiries please call Jason at 541-610-3985.

    Specialty Services
    At Distinct, no project is too large or small. We have the in-house capabilities to handle specialty services, including roofing repairs and replacing siding. For specialty service inquiries please contact Jason at 541-610-3985.



    Routine inspections keep small problems from becoming big fixes. Our online portals make it easy to schedule routine inspections and keep on top of basic home maintenance.

    How It Works

    During a home inspection, we’ll make sure everything is in good working order both inside and around your property. That includes checking appliances, light fixtures, heating and cooling systems, and the general condition of the property. Routine inspections also allow us to schedule maintenance—like changing out air filters—and repairs for any superficial and structural damage. Depending on the needs of the house and tenant, these inspections can be scheduled quarterly or bi-annually.


    On top of our routine inspection services, we offer specialty add-ons like gutter cleaning, landscape maintenance, and snow removal.

    Real estate services


    Our licensed, in-house real estate agent leverages industry knowledge and extensive experience to make sure you’re getting the most out of your rental property.


    We’ll assess your property value, tap into the most appropriate advertising channels, and use guaranteed industry research to keep your property competitive.