Homeowners Guide: What a Property Management Company Does For You

If you’re keeping up with our blog, you know all about how a property management company benefits tenants. But that’s only half of what we do. For homeowners (whether you own two or two dozen properties) we help you streamline the rental process, support your tenants, grow your property value, and maximize your ROI. 


Benefits of hiring a property management company

A property management company is an investment in the success of your properties. Overall, our goal is to keep both tenants and homeowners happy by offering tailored services with quality in mind. Some benefits of homeowners hiring out instead of trying to DIY include decreased tenant turnover, savings on maintenance and repairs, increased property value, and fewer overall rental complications. Essentially, we help you juggle fewer responsibilities and save time and money in the long run. 


What exactly does a property management company do for homeowners?

Here are the main ways Distinct Dwelling serves our homeowners: 


Performs home inspections 

Your properties are an investment. Distinct helps keep them profitable with proactive home inspections, so you’re always maximizing your properties’ value. 


Conducts tenant screening 

A key benefit of property management companies to homeowners is finding high quality and long term tenants. We do this by conducting intensive tenant screenings so you don’t have to. 


Offers an easy rent collection portal 

Distinct Dwelling’s convenient online portal takes the stress away from homeowners when it comes to collecting rent. It also offers a secure system where tenants can easily access important forms. 


Conducts maintenance and repairs 

One of the biggest time sucks for homeowners is performing maintenance and repairs––or finding someone trustworthy to complete them. Because we’re a full-service management company, we protect and grow your property value by offering in-house maintenance and repair services when your tenants need them. 


Provides renovation and remodeling services 

Lastly, we offer home renovation and remodeling because we know that even the smallest changes can make a big impact on ROI. Whether you’re adding on another bedroom or turning the mudroom into a half bath, we can help.


Distinct Dwelling’s got your back 

We created Distinct as a full-service property management company so both homeowners and tenants can have peace of mind. If you’re a homeowner looking for a stress-free experience, contact our team today