Tenants Guide: What a Property Management Company Does For Renters

At first glance, property management seems like a simple concept. A homeowner hires a company, and that company manages their real estate investment. Easy, right? When you start to dig into the specifics of the landlord-management-tenant relationship, things get more complicated. After all, property management companies aren’t just caring for homes. They’re responsible for the tenant experience also. So what is a property management company, and how do they serve the tenant’s best interests? 

The Basics: What Does a Property Management Company Do? 

A property management company is hired by a landlord. They’re in charge of routine inspections, finding and screening tenants, and staying on top of maintenance projects. They’re also tenants’ point of contact for work orders and maintenance requests. Unfortunately, according to a recent satisfaction survey, 23% of tenants reported poor service from their property management company. Another 32% described their service as just average.

At Distinct Dwelling, we’re working hard to change those numbers. We strive to build strong, positive relationships with both our landlords and tenants. We can only achieve this through prompt service, authentic and seamless communication, and proactive management.

So, What Does a Property Management Company Do for Renters?

We make the move-in process easy.

Let us handle the paperwork, pass over the keys, and make sure you’ve got everything you need to call your new rental “Home.” We’re proud to offer move-in assistance for each of our tenants. 

We know your home, property, and neighborhood

We track inspection schedules, stay on top of routine maintenance, and proactively keep your rental in top condition.

We’re a mediator between you and the landlord

We know the ins and outs of lease terms, state regulations, and other legal requirements. And we leverage this knowledge to do right by tenants and landlords alike. Plus, we’re able to advocate on tenants’ behalf about rent, maintenance issues, damage, deposits, and more.

We handle maintenance requests and emergencies

If a pipe bursts in the middle of the night or you’re dealing with a broken window in the dead cold of winter, we should be your first call. At Distinct Dwelling, we’re able to handle everything from quick fixes to more intensive construction and renovation projects, thanks to our in-house construction capabilities.

Experience the Distinct advantage

Here at Distinct Dwelling, we weren’t satisfied with a routine list of repairs and services. Our exclusive, comprehensive benefits include landscaping and maintenance services that help you get the most out of the rental experience. Whether you need help weeding garden beds, raking leaves, shoveling snow, or cleaning gutters, we’re the team that’s here to help.

Ready for a Property Management Company That Does More?

We can’t wait to welcome you home! Check out our listings in Central Oregon and Douglas County.