3 General Property Maintenance Tips to Get Your Rental Summer-Ready

In Central Oregon, summer is for barbecues in the backyard, long afternoons sipping a cold drink, and yard games with friends and family. Unfortunately, it’s also time for landscaping and property maintenance projects if you’re a homeowner or landlord. Statistically, summer is the busy season for real estate. Which means it can be a lucrative time for homeowners looking to rent. So, how do you get your rental property summer-ready, both inside and out? Distinct’s top recommended inspection and maintenance services are a great place to start. 


Keep a routine property maintenance checklist (and stick with it!)


It might sound like common sense, but a property maintenance checklist should be your go-to tool for every season. Not only will a list ensure nothing falls through the cracks. It can also keep small problems from festering into more significant, more expensive damage. 


Still, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by a lengthy list of projects. That’s why we recommend breaking a long list into smaller, more manageable steps. Try dividing it by area of the house. Know that a handful of projects will only take a few minutes each, while another will take several hours? Group the small projects and save the bigger time commitment for another day. Another strategy could be staggering tasks by when they need to be performed so that you’ve got a month-by-month to-do list. 


Check and clean the air system


During the hot summer months, a functioning air conditioner will shoot to the top of your tenants’ list of necessities. By checking your property’s cooling system at least once a year, you can keep it running longer. And, since the average air system lasts 10 to 15 years, this simple property maintenance step is an investment in your property’s future rentability. 


Minimally, you’ll want to change the unit’s filter. We also recommend checking the unit itself, cleaning the coils, adjusting the dampers, and looking for other potential problems. During the inspection, you’ll want to remove any visible debris. This includes leaves, dirt, and grass that’s gotten caught in the unit. Also, make sure airflow through the coils is steady. 


Don’t forget about curb appeal


Think curb appeal doesn’t matter in a rental property? Think again. First impressions are lasting impressions. If your property doesn’t appeal to potential tenants, you’re losing money while it sits empty. Luckily, small property maintenance tasks can make a big difference when it comes to boosting your property’s curb appeal. We recommend starting with the basics. Is the lawn mowed? Bushes, shrubbery, or hedges trimmed and neat? Does the driveway or siding need a power wash to remove dirt or pollen? 




Whether you’re trying to attract tenants or going above and beyond to secure summertime renewals, regular property maintenance is a critical part of renting. Don’t have time to worry about A/C units and power washing? Let Distinct Dwelling handle the heavy lifting. Our full-service property management includes property maintenance work—no matter how big or small the job. Get in touch to see how we can get your rental summer (and tenant) ready!